YF-S201 Flow Sensor Hall Effect Flow Sensor

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YF-S201 Flow Sensor Hall Effect Flow Sensor

water flow sensor mainly through the plastic bodies, the flow of rotor components and hall sensors. it is used in the water inlet of the water heating, to the flow of water, when the water rotates by the water flow rotor components / the magnetic rotor and the speed varies with the flow rate, and the outputs the signal of corresponding pulse, and then feedback to control the control by the control to determine the size of the water flow.

precautionary measures for use:

  • it is strictly prohibited to cause severe effects and erosion of chemical substances.
  • Do not throw or hit.
  • vertical installation, the inclination of not more than 5 degrees.
  • Medium temperature should not exceed 120 degrees.

2. Output waveform: Square wave NPN Pulse signal

3. The outlet away:

  • red IN connected the anode
  • yellow OUT signal output line
  • black GND connected cathode

YF-S201 Frequency: F = 7.5 * Q (L / Min)

error: ± 2%

voltage: 3.5-24VDC, the current 10mA does not exceed, flow from a liter of water output 450 pulses & # 12290;

frequency calculation = constant 7.5 * unit (L / min) * time (seconds)

measuring range: 1-30L / min

4. Technical parameters

scope of application for water heaters, credit card machines, automatic water dispensers, and other flow measurement equipment!
the minimum rated operating voltage DC4.5 5V-24V
the maximum operating current 15 mA (DC 5 V)
the working range DC 5 to 18V
load-bearing capacity ≤ 10 mA (DC 5 V)
the use of temperature range ≤ 80 & # 8451;
the use of air humidity range 35% to 90% RH (no smudge)
, so that pressure under 1.75Mpa
save the temperature -25 to + 80 & # 8451;
save the moisture 25% to 95% RH


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