TB6600 Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver in Pakistan

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TB6600 Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver in Pakistan

This unit is an upgraded version of TB6600, increasing the segments to 32 segments, for the high-use segments. applicable stepper motor: 42,57, 86 type two-phase phases (line wires 6 line 8).
1.9 V-42 V DC power supply.
2. -Point H phase bipolar constant flow unit.
3. The maximum output current of 4.0A eight optional;
4. The largest segment of six segments 32 modes are available;
5. The input signal is high-speed optical insulation;
6. The common anode single-pulse interface standard;
7. Holding out function;
8. Semi-enclosed housing to accommodate the most demanding environments;
9. Provide current energy semi automatic locking function;
10. Built in temperature protection and overcurrent protection.
11. 201g


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