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JDM Serial Programmer is one of the simplest PIC Microcontroller programmer. It connects directly to the serial port of the computer. This is a simple programmer for most employed usually PIC-processors Microchip. It is suitable for beginners entering the world of Microcontrollers


1. No need external power supply.

2. Supports 8, 18, 28, 40 pin PIC Microcontrollers.

3. Works with standard RS232 Comport.

4. In addition, there is also a ICSP connector for direct
connection with prototype boards.

5. It is powered through the serial port on your computer,
making it easy to use.

6. Low Cast

7. Specially designed for students

8. Tested IC 16F676, 16F877A, 12F508, 12F683, 18F2550,
18F452, 16F630 etc.

Packages Included:

1 X PIC Programmer
1 X Serial Port Cable
1 X Software CD


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