PIC Microcontroller Trainer in Pakistan

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PIC Microcontroller Trainer in Pakistan

It is a PIC 16F877A development board for beginners with number of demo codes. Using this trainer you can learn about PIC Microcontroller Trainer.

PIC (pronounced as “pick”) is a family of microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology, The name PIC initially referred to Peripheral Interface Controller.The first parts of the family were available in 1976; by 2013 the company had shipped more than twelve billion individual parts, used in a wide variety of embedded systems.

Early models of PIC had read-only memory (ROM) or field-programmable EPROM for program storage. All current models use flash memory for program storage, and newer models allow the PIC to reprogram itself. Program memory and data memory are separated. Data memory is 8-bit, 16-bit, and, in latest models, 32-bit wide. Program instructions vary in bit-count by family of PIC, and may be 12, 14, 16, or 24 bits long. The instruction set also varies by model, with more powerful chips adding instructions for digital signal processing functions.

The hardware capabilities of PIC devices range from 6-pin SMD, 8-pin DIP chips up to 144-pin SMD chips, with discrete I/O pins, ADC and DAC modules, and communications ports such as UARTI2CCAN, and even USB. Low-power and high-speed variations exist for many types.

PIC Microcontroller Trainer in Pakistan Features:

On board 8 X Leds
On board 4 X Switches
On board 12V relay for heavy load
On board 12V piezo buzzer
On board serial communication(max232)
On board 16 X 2 LCD
On board 2 variable resistor for ADC
On board LM35
On board 3 seven segment(common anode)
On board 20mhz crystal
On board reset switch and ICSP header
On board power regulator

Package Includes:

1 X pic microcontroller trainer
1 X 12v supply adaptor
1 X 16×2 lcd
1 X 16f877a controller


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