PAM8610 12V Two-channel Stereo Audio Amplifier

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PAM8610 12V Two-channel Stereo Audio Amplifier

The PAM8610 is a 10+10 watt stereo Class-D audio amplifier with DC Volume Control which offers low THD+N (0.1%), low EMI, and good PSRR thus high-quality sound reproduction. The PAM8610 runs off of a 7V to 15V supply at much higher efficiency than competitors’ ICs.


  • 10W @ 10%THD/Channel Output into a 8Ω Load at 13V
  • Low Noise: -90dB
  • Over 90% Efficiency
  • With Shutdown/Mute/Fade Function
  • Over Current , Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low THD+N
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Pop Noise Suppression
  • Small Size


  • Bluetooth Stereo Audio hands free / headsets
  • In robots that speak or generate sounds to indicate activities
  • Portable Speakers
  • LCD Monitors / TV Projectors
  • Arduino or Raspberry Pi Game Machines
  • Speaker Phones

Technical Specifications

  • Model: PAM8610-AOC1
  • Operating Voltages: 7V  to 15V (Nominal : 12v)
  • Features: Mini amplifier board with compact size, high output power and HD audio.
  • Amplifier IC: PAM8610
  • Load : Can direct drive 4 or 8 ohm small speakers
  • Output Power: 10Wx2(8Ω) 15Wx2(4Ω) –  heatsink should be installed for higher wattage output
  • Dimensions: 1.18 in x 1.00 in x 0.12 in (3.00 cm x 2.52 cm x 0.3 cm)
  • Weight: 3.0g (aprox without headers)


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