L298N Motor Drive Dual H Bridge Driver in Pakistan

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The L298N Motor Drive Dual H Bridge Driver in Pakistan integrates two power output stages (A ; B). The power output stage is a bridge configuration and its outputs can drive an inductive load in common or differenzial mode, depending on the state of the inputs. The current that flows through the load comes out from the bridge at the sense output : an external resistor (RSA ; RSB.) allows to detect the intensity of this current.

Input Stage:

Each bridge is driven by means of four gates the input of which are In1 ; In2 ; EnA and In3 ; In4 ; EnB. The In inputs set the bridge state when The En input is high ; a low state of the En input inhibits the bridge. All the inputs are TTL compatible.

L298N Motor Drive Dual H Bridge Driver in Pakistan Suggestions:

A non inductive capacitor, usually of 100 nF, must be foreseen between both Vs and Vss, to ground, as near as possible to GND pin. When the large capacitor of the power supply is too far from the IC, a second smaller one must be foreseen near the L298.

1. Dual H-bridge motor driver module
2. Operating mode H-bridge driver (dual)
3. Master chip L298N See L298n Datasheet
4. Logic voltage 5V
5. Drive voltage 5V-35V
6. Logic Current 0mA-36mA
7. Drive current 2A (MAX single bridge)
8. Maximum Power 25W
9. External dimensions 43 * 43 * 27mm

Package Include:

1 X L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module


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