Digital 8-Bit TM1638 LED Module For Arduino PIC AVR

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Digital 8-Bit TM1638 LED Module For Arduino PIC AVR

They contain eight 7-segment red LED digits, eight red/green LEDs and also eight buttons for user input. For Arduino use, pins 1~4 are the minimum necessary to use one module. Each additional module will require another digital pin connected to STB2, STB3, etc. More on this later. Please note that each module set to full brightness with every LED on consumes 127mA, so it would be wise to use external power with more than one module and other connections with Arduino boards.

  1. Brand new and high quality
  2. 8 Bits, 8 keys, 8 LEDs, 8 digital tubes, common cathode LED digital tube.
  3. With TM1638 Chip, this module gather more than three common SCM peripheral circuits.
  4. The advantage is only three IO ports will be occupied when it drives.
  5. It only need to read the relevant register to send display data or test button so it save MCU resources effectively.
  6. Keys are sensitive and display effectively.


  1. The rated voltage: DC12V
  2. Voltage range: DC7.0 V-13.6 V
  3. The input power: 0.24 A
  4. Temperature range:-10-70C
  5. Color: Blue as picture show
  6. Size: 75mm x 48mm/2.95″x1.89″(inch) (approx)
  7. Net Weight: 24g

Package includes:
1 x LED display module


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